Technology Help

These issues are seen the most:
  • Device won't turn on or charge
  • Trackpad/Keyboard doesn't work
  • Touch Screen doesn't work
  • Wacom Tablet (use w/ Stylus) doesn't work
  • Power Button doesn't work
  • Bad Display Hinge
  • Missing Screws
  • Keyboard stops working or Chromebook displays the wrong character when typing
  • Keyboard missing keys (Key replacement is the only repair to occur on-site)
Need help with your device or want a status update on your repair? Select the appropriate link below.
NOTE - If you purchased the optional insurance, depending on the repair there's usually a 2 week wait time before your device is returned. If optional insurance was not purchased, depending on the repair required the device may be rendered a total loss (not repairable by PUSD ITS department) there will be a full replacement cost fine attached to your Destiny library account. That being said, please don't avoid telling the Tech or Library Staff about damage or missing items. Fines are assessed on a case by case basis. It's also very important to be truthful about what happened to your devices when you bring it in for repair. 
I need help with my Chromebook and want to fill out a Chromebook Assistance Request
I haven't received a Chromebook
I want a status update on my Chromebook repair
NOTE - The ITS Helpdesk system isn't available to students so a Help Ticket is created on your behalf. Your Computer Tech will CC (Carbon Copy) your Google Apps Gmail address so you will get an email update if there's a change in status on the ticket. In addition, you will find a list of fine costs and what you won't be fined for in the Google Sheet linked above. 
I need to reset my Google Apps account password
WiFi Hotspot Survey
NOTE - this survey is mandatory for all students, whether or not you have internet access at home
I'm a senior who graduated and need the data from my Google Drive
I need a School ID
NOTE - this option won't be available for very long after you've graduated so if you need your data we suggest you do it ASAP! If you're unable to pull your data or need further help doing so, contact the Computer Tech at 909-397-4900 x33190 or x33191.