This is where you can find links to request assistance with different technology related items. Click on the link that most closely matches what you need help with. 
Having Chromebook issues? - Fill out a Technology Assistance Request for help with hardware issues, software issues, and more. Select the I'm having trouble with my device option, remember to try and be as detailed as possible! 
Need a Chromebook? - Use the Technology Assistance Request form and select the I need a Chromebook or I never received one option. This option can also be used if you're having trouble with your Hotspot. 
Please note that if you're a new student to PUSD and VAHS we may not be able to issue you a device or books right away as we don't know what your schedule is going to be.
If you're a PUSD student who has been transferred to or will be coming to VAHS please turn in your Chromebook and books before requesting a device from us. 
Need an Accessory? - Fill out the Technology Assistance Request if you need a Stylus, Case, Charger, Headset, or Hotspot. 
Having Zoom link issues? - Fill out a Technology Assistance Request and select the I need a Zoom code/link for one of my classes option. 
Please do not use the Zoom code/link option if you're having issues with the actual Zoom application or link provided to you by one of your teachers