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Principal's Welcome Message

Dear Village Academy Family –


Welcome to the 2018-19 school year. I am excited to welcome back our faculty, staff, students, and parents for the new school year. When you step on the campus on the first day of school you will become part of the Village Culture of Excellence. Village students and staff continually represent our school with pride and excellence.

With appreciation for our staff’s fine work, we’re looking to continue in the same spirit of academic excellence, as well as building upon the last two years of our concentrated focus in the areas of technology and film production. Right here on this webpage, you can see the progress we’ve made with bringing our stories to life, with the range of diverse voices and talent behind them. It’s important to understand the distinction and thus, our pride in what our Knights do here… which is to write, act, direct, produce, edit and distribute their very own narrative short films. Everyone plays a part, a collaboration in the truest sense. There’s also the excellent work of our Knightly News Broadcasting team, which can also be seen right here or on our dedicated YouTube page, along with our other award-winning short films.


Village Academy recently received a full six year WASC Accreditation, continued progress in cementing our status as a National Academy Foundation High School.  Improving upon our already-stellar U.S World and News Report designation as a Silver medal School,  which Village is ranked a top 200 high school in California,  and of course, showcasing our best student films at our annual Film Festival, the PINDIES. Village has two student films that will be recognized and were selected to be a part of the 2018 All American High School Film Festival this fall in New York.  Only 75 films were selected out over 2,000 submitted nationwide.  As such, we’ll continue to prioritize exceptional instruction, the well-being of our students and accessibility for our parents and community. If you have any questions, please know that I am always available to meet with you and again, please accept my gratitude for allowing me the chance to serve alongside a top-notch staff of educators and support personnel as we forge ahead into the future.


Joseph Biagioni,