Students of the Month

Aug. Students of the month

August/Period 2:

Angel Morales-Gregorio (Antillon), Arthur Cortez (Brogie), Diana Argueta-Lepe (Conde), Vincent Hoang (Contreras), Helen Dang (King), Kevin Vazquez-Delgado (Muscente), Gerardo Escamilla (Pahler), Freddy Delgado (Ramos), Giancarlos Rodriguez Sosa (Rawlings), Brandon Garibay (Reed), Christine Lezama (Sullivan)





Sep. Students of the month


September/Period 1:

Kaitlyn Nguyen (Antillon), Crystal Sanchez (Brogie), Jorge Rivera-Ayala (Conde), Yovanni Rodriguez Lopez (Contreras), Margarita Ramirez-Martinez (Hinostroza) Edwin Alvarez (King), Julian Malgra (Muscente), Victoria Diaz (Pahler), Natalie Vidarte-Alvarado (Phillips), Jasmine Nguyen (Ramos), Alexa Cardenas (Rawlings), Joseph Chavez (Riley), Jazmin Vargas (Vo)

November Student of the month
October/Period 3:
Roberto Sanchez-Enciso (Brogie), Stephanie Castro (Hinostroza), Kimberly Figueroa (King), Joseph Chavez (Muscente), Daniel Santamaria (Pahler), Emilia Jimenez (Phillips), Sean Rodriguez (Ramos), Jonathan Luna (Rawlings), Julian Malgra (Rodriguez), Tamara Garcia-Flores (Sullivan)
VAHS Students of the Month - 12/19 

December/Period 6


Julian Rodriguez Gonzalez (Brogie), Vincent Hoang (Conde), Vanessa Castro-Valdespino (Contreras), Arely Salinas-Cambron (Pahler), Kimberly Cuchilla (Phillips), Angelina Martinez (Ramos), Tamara Garcia-Flores (Rawlings), William Garcia (Rodriguez), Elias Razo (Sullivan), Helen Dang (Vo)


 Rotary Students 02/2020Rotary Students 02/2020

January/Period 5


Kimberly Cuchilla (Antillon), Eddie Cota (Conde), Marlene Quinones-Echeverria (Contreras), Emilia Jimenez (King), Valerie Diaz-Anguiano (Muscente), Yovanni Rodriguez Lopez (Phillips), John Phan (Ramos), Christian Leon-Barrios (Riley), Melissa Luna (Rodriguez), Emmanuel Solorzano (Sullivan), Sahasawat Loylerdrit (Vo)


February Rotary Students of the Month

February/Period 5


Nicolas Hernandez (Brogie), Vanessa Castro Valdespino (Conde), Freddy Delgado (Contreras), Wendy Wang (Muscente), Wendy Fermin-Contreras (Pahler), Kellie Flores (Phillips), Gissele Garcia (Ramos), Helen Dang (Rawlings), Gerardo Escamilla (Reed), Gustavo Castellanos-Martinez (Rodriguez), Diego Jimenez (Sullivan)


October Rotary

October 2019 : Alexa Cardenas


Alexa demonstrates exceptional leadership skills as President of the AP Scholars club and has been an active member of the Civic Action Club for 3 years.  She is committed and dedicated to causes that benefit the community and is one of the first ones to volunteer to lend a hand or donate supplies on any occasion.  She always handles matters with the utmost tact, facilitates communication among all parties, and follows through.  Her hardworking nature and positive attitude make her a wonderful support for others and asset to the school and community.  She is a young lady with amazing potential. (Ms. Pahler).



November 2019 : Jimmy Le

Jimmy has overcome many obstacles to better himself and his future plans for high school, college and his future career. Entering high school was a rough transition but he quickly realized that he had many opportunities that can change his journey called life. His interest in film and technology gave him the passion to want to improve his grades and pursue a career in the film industry. He is well-liked by his peers, teachers and administration on campus. He often volunteers in the community when asked to film different events. He has taken on a leadership role as the President of the film club that he takes very seriously. His goal is to attend a four year college and earn a degree in Film or Math to become a Math teacher.
Everlyn Gonzalez
December 2019 : Everlyn Gonzalez
 It has been a pleasure to work with Everlyn, she is committed to her academics and a committed member of the Interact Club, JOOI Club, ASB and CSF. Everlyn loves science and recently joined the Solar Cup Club. She is an active member of her church and volunteers in many of the activities. She is one to be commended for all she has accomplished. Although she is shy she does not let that stop her from volunteering and stepping out of her comfort zone. I believe that she will be one to beat the odds and become a successful Pediatric Surgeon. She is well liked by her peers, teachers and administration.

Emily TranJanuary 2020


Emily Tran


It is with great pleasure that Emily represents Village Academy. As an educator for the past 30 + years I have not met a student that clearly represents dedication, and determination to beat the odds. She is always looking for opportunities to grow as an individual and pushes herself out of her comfort zone. Emily ranks at the top 5% of her class with a 4.5 college weighted GPA. She has enrolled in the most rigorous course of study at Village Academy and presently serves as President of the Interact Club. I can always depend on her to disseminate the information to the club members to ensure we have participation in the various activities.


-Ms. Canales


Lucero Sandoval Cardenas


February 2020


Lucero Sandoval Cardenas


Although Lucero is very reserved, she is one to think outside the box and push herself to reach her goals. As a first generation student, she understands the importance of academic success. Lucero acknowledges how important her grades are will determine her opportunity and outcome for college as a member of the JOOI, Interact and CSF Spanish Club, E-Smart, AP Scholars, As a freshman she participated in ASB. She has had the opportunity to volunteer and get involved in the community. She has taken the most rigorous course of student at Village Academy and want to pursue a career in Public Health because her ultimate goal is to be a dental Hygienist.


Gissele Garcia

March 2020


Gissele Garcia


Gissele is determined to beat the odds and overcome all obstacles that are placed in her path. Gissele entered Village Academy during her senior year and has willingly and eagerly became a member of the Interact and JOI club. She enrolled in the Pomona Health Ladder at Western University and volunteers at Casa Colina; she is always willing to participate in volunteering. She is able to manage her academic responsibilities and extracurricular activities. She is a ray of sunshine every day she walks into my office as the office aide.